These fun little sticks are actually the branches of the Silver vine bush! In the very center of the stick you can see a very slight color change from the pulp of the stick. That is the good stuff cats crave! 

Three sticks bound with natural fiber twine are included in each order. Our shop cats nibble and play with the same 2 sticks month after month! We just leave them laying around, along with 50 other balls, strings, etc. and they always come back to the sticks...

The best part of these very inexpensive "toys" are that they help to clean the nasty tartar off of their teeth! You do NOT want to have to deal with tooth pain in your cat and dental work at a vet. It is traumatizing for them and VERY EXPENSIVE! Cats will get a nice thumbs up from the dentist after chewing on these guys, not to mention a nice little buzz.

Some tips:

If your kitty is kind of "eh" about the sticks, you can strip a bit off of the bark with a knife to freshen up the Silvervine aroma and make it attractive again.

No kitten zone. At approx. 1 year of age, instincts should kick in and they will spit out any pieces of bark too big to swallow. 

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