Our Mission

Hi! I'm Nikki, founder of Shady Cat Social Club. I'm so grateful that you are here! Our mission is to make as many cats and cat families happy and content in a space that is light and fun.

Why SCSC Started

I am an RN and the bulk of my experience is working with the elderly. I have worked both as a staff nurse and in a management role. The idea for Shady Cat Social Club was born in 2019 during my personal frustration with the corporatization of our healthcare system. All of the necessary documentation and policies that take healthcare workers away from the bedside really affects our ability to connect and comfort patients the way that they need and deserve.

However, when patients were given a stuffed animal to hold or when a therapy animal would visit, I saw an utterly remarkable change in their demeanor and it was a huge "light bulb" moment for me. Having an animal to pet or just cuddle with calmed even the most frustrated dementia patients. I saw an opportunity to help others that needed comfort. I wanted to spread this impact by creating a space with a mission to bring health and happiness to cats and PEOPLE everywhere.

The main takeaway is that a pet can bring comfort without words, medicine, having to drive to an appointment, etc. It is a quiet and calm form of "therapy" really. Just love and companionship- something everyone needs like air and water, but not everyone has access to- and that is where Shady Cat comes in. WE can provide the access and assistance.

We also believe that organic, high-quality, and sustainable cat products should be available to all of our cat families.


At SCSC we donate profits to help more deserving people afford to adopt cats, pay for their upkeep and health, and encourage more cat therapy teams.

Quality Promise

We believe that your kitty deserves the very best quality from product to packaging to customer service. I personally want this in my own life and I will only offer this to my customers. If you ever have an issue or comment you would like to share, please contact me directly on the Contact Us page.  


We only have one Earth, so we've made sure that our products and packaging help keep it around for our future generations! Our packaging is made of glass, metal, cotton, recycled or recyclable material. Most packaging is reusable in many useful ways!


The Waggle Foundation seeks to ensure that the lives of pets are not cut short because a pet guardian is without the necessary funds to cover the cost of medical treatment, and works in partnership with the general public, media, corporate sponsors, celebrities, influencers and foundations to raise critical funding and awareness.

The Foundation works to grow a community of like-minded people and organizations devoted to this goal; helps nonprofits to participate in concert; provides direct financial support for veterinary care; and works to inspire and educate responsible pet parents to circumvent this tragic outcome.

You can find our more by visiting https://wagglefoundation.org/.