Calming Oil

Our tuna flavored Calming Oil is a true game changer for cats with inflammation, arthritis, anxiety and other issues that need our attention. We took a long time to offer a hemp based tincture because we wanted to make sure the science showed that these products truly benefited cats’ unique systems.

Once there was enough peer reviewed evidence that these products could effectively help our felines feel better and safely, we searched for a high quality hemp farm that produced a trustworthy product. Boy oh boy did we find one! 

We have been using this tincture on our own elderly cat and the results have been astonishing! From hardly moving other than to the food bowl and back, a dose has instantly made our cat feel well enough to get up and play! I could not have predicted that outcome! 

He is grooming himself much better and his coat is nice and shiny again. 

Each bottle contains 60 doses. There are clear markings on the dropper to indicate the dose amount. Shady Cat Social Club Calming Oil should be kept in a cool location and out of the sun. 

FDA Disclosure: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. 

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