Shady Cat Bribes - Cat Treats

Healthy and tasty cat treats have arrived! My two Shady cats come running from whatever trouble they are creating whenever I shake the treat bag! I love taking back control, but what I love most is knowing I’m feeding my cats a homemade treat full of high quality ingredients that they absolutely love and crave. 

Some treat deets: 

Two flavors- Chicken and Whitefish-offered 3 ways:

-Original Flavor

-Catnip and Silver Vine Blend created by tossing the treats in a new dry rub we created 

-Calming Blend tossed in pure Valerian powder

We offer six amazing options for your unique cat! 

Treats come in generous 4 oz. bags and have a long shelf life with no need for refrigeration. 

They say you can teach a cat tricks if you have the right motivator. Snag a bag or two and see if they will make you your coffee in the mornings. Hey, worth a shot!