Rustic Wood 3-tube Holder

This custom holder, along with the glass tubes, was the very first product we created for Shady Cat Social Club! We wanted to offer some kind of unique "sampler" to give cat lovers a taste of our catnip blends and silver vine powder while highlighting our commitment to earth friendly and reusable packaging. 

Along with our glass tubes and metal caps, this wooden base offers so many opportunities to get creative and have fun with your Shady side!

-With some water and flowers/plant clippings, you can show off your green thumb. Put some adhesive strips on the back and mount them on a wall. 

-Magnets on the back allow you to stick the holder on your fridge and really be unique! And maybe that's the best way to keep your kitty's paws off the "supply"

-Put your favorite spices in the tubes and leave the holder on your countertop for a funky, easy-access, spice rack.

-Options are only limited by your mind! Send us a pic of how you use your holder! We love to see all the creative ideas