Leaf & Flower Catnip Tube

Our Leaf & Flower Catnip is a ground mixture of only the leaves and flowers from the catnip plant.

We filter out as much of the stalk as possible, when drying and trimming such large quantities, because the stalk has none of the nepetalactone that attracts the cats!

All four catnip blends are now offered in a 1.25 oz. bag and glass tubes! Once only available as part of our Sampler Set. Who doesn't love options?


The Shady Cat Social Club offers various robust combinations of organic catnip & Silvervine as part of our Feline Euphorics Collection.

Collection Description: Introducing Shady Cat Social Club's line of Feline Euphorics! We offer the best quality, organic catnip grown here in the USA. Shady Cat Social Club catnip varieties are sure to please and entertain most every cat. Each variety we offer is grown outdoors in the ideal climate to ensure the greatest potency. SCSC also offers Silvervine powder which is shown to have an even higher effectiveness rate than catnip! Check out our Euphoric product description list for more info!