Fallen Comrades- the Buds that didn’t make it

Oh, our **Fallen Comrades- possibly our most beloved product. These are the buds that were shook loose or fell off of the stem when trimming and packing the Sublime Buds. They might not have completed their mission but know that they are just as potent and honorable as the other buds that made it. As they don’t quite present as well as the buds, we pack them up - as much as these glass latched jars will hold- and offer them for a rockin' good price!

How to use our catnip: we recommend that you keep your catnip stored in it's airtight bag to keep it fresh. Our catnip will stay potent for well over a year if kept out of the sun and airtight.

And due to its potency, all your kitty needs to feel that euphoric ecstasy is a tiny pinch. Just rub the catnip between your fingers to release all the oils stored in the catnip.

You can drop the catnip on the ground and they will usually nibble it up and/or roll around in it with pure bliss. Another great way to get your cat some exercise is to add some catnip to a favorite toy!

Is your cat forming some bad habits such as scratching their claws on your furniture? Well, we have an easy solution for that! Take a scratching post (sisal rope or cardboard variety- they love either!) and put it right next to the furniture you want them to avoid. Sprinkle some catnip on the scratching post and let them know you are doing this and they will gladly jump down to the post now and ignore your furniture!  

**Note: SCSC is a PROUD military family and the name is tongue-in-cheek. No disrespect meant to any fallen military and/or families, so the Shady Karens of the universe can move along to their next innocent victim. Carry on!

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