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We aren't just cool and good looking (but we are, aren't we?) we are a superior catnip. Our catnip and Silvervine are harvested here in the US, grown in the perfect climate and our Buds are handpicked so our customers get only best of the best. We know our customers only purchase the best products for their cats and that is why we only offer the cream of the crop. One sniff of our freshly opened package and you will know the difference right away...




First, let me express my gratitude that you chose to be here, right now. My name is Nikki Peterson, and I'm the Founder of SCSC. I am so proud to offer you an outstanding line of catnip and Silvervine products for your special feline friends. I have been fortunate to have experienced the joy of cat companionship for most of my life, so I know exactly what it means to you as well. I believe having a pet is an integral part of truly being content and happy. Keeping your cat happy and healthy is crucial to their longevity and mental health. Catnip is a fantastic way to introduce play and can alleviate stress in a cat. And we have all met a skittish, shady cat, haven't we now?

This is where Shady Cat Social Club comes in. We offer the best organic catnip because…who doesn't love a fun time? More importantly, who doesn't want the BEST products for their beloved pets, TRUST that what they purchase is SAFE for their pets and the environment and has some cool bonuses like reusable containers! 

Please go check out our Mission Page and see what amazing things we have planned! And if you would like to know more about me, how I came up with this business idea...

Down the rabbit hole you go!


Have fun. Enjoy each other. Share a good laugh... with... your cat.
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