The Shady Cats' Meow

Our Shadiest Favorites! These two gems are the ones your kitties will love the best as it gives you a taste of the rest!

Our Sublime Buds are the most potent form of catnip there is! These catnip flowers do not grow on just any catnip plant. They are rare and they are STRONG! 

Our Superb Sampler gives your favorite feline a taste of all the goodness we can offer:  Fine Ground catnip for our more delicate tastes (or if you want a bit less mess), a nice large sample of our Catnip & Silvervine blend to give your kitty a double dose of euphoric pleasure, our Catnip & Valerian blend to chill out a kitty who is maybe a bit skittish or just wants a nice, cold one at the end of the day, and don't forget the sample of our Silvervine powder that rounds out the set! It comes in a stamped, cotton bag that you can use for any one of the 4 products you now have to rock your cat's world!