Small Silver vine Powder -Premium Quality

Silver vine - This brown, crumbly powder has to be the most mysterious catnip alternative we carry, but it is the most popular treat cats just can't get enough of!

Silver vine is a small fruit grown in Asia most(cousin to the Kiwi fruit! How odd!) that is the Eastern equivalent to catnip. The powder is noted in various studies to have a higher effectiveness rate on cats than catnip!!

We also offer this exact size of Silver vine as part of our Superb Sampler Set. And we also offer a much larger size for a fantastic value once you realize your cat absolutely loves Silver vine! 

What do you DO with Silver vine???

Just take a small pinch between your fingers and either put it in the lid of the tin and set it down and your cat will lick it up and get sillier than silly, or you can put that same small amount in a toy, on a toy, on a scratch post or the floor!

A little pinch goes a long way and this tin will last a very long time! Just make sure you screw the lid on tight because your cat(s) will love this odd, brown, crumbly stuff! You've been warned ;)

The Shady Cat Social Club offers various robust combinations of organic catnip & silver vine as part of our Feline Euphorics Collection.

Collection Description: Introducing Shady Cat Social Club's line of Feline Euphorics! We offer the best quality, organic catnip grown here in the USA. Shady Cat Social Club catnip varieties are sure to please and entertain most every cat. Each variety we offer is grown outdoors in the ideal climate to ensure the greatest potency. SCSC also offers Silvervine powder which is shown to have an even higher effectiveness rate than catnip! Check out our Euphoric product description list for more info!

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